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Call for Phytosanitary Technical Resources Read more »

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The winners of the Photo Contest - Pests without Borders are announced!·
The winners and thirty shortlisted photos are now available here
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IPPC Technical Resources

IPPC Technical Resources· The IPPC Technical Resources are developed by the IPPC Secretariat under the direction of its Capacity Development Committee (CDC). Learn more »

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Capacity Development Pre-CPM training session, CPM-10 side sessions and Market places Read more »

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Training of Phytosanitary Capacity Evaluation (PCE) FacilitatorsRead more »

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Pest Risk Analysis · Learn more on Pest Risk Analysis through our online course, currently offered in English and Spanish. Enroll here »


The Phytosanitary Resources page includes over 300 technical resources that are freely available. These include e-learning modules, manuals, training materials, diagnostic protocols, videos, advocacy materials, photographs, a roster of consultants and databases of projects and activities. Read more.

How to contribute phytosanitary technical resources

1. Create a user account through here
2. Click on icon "Login" and log in with your username and password
3. Click on icon "contribute"
4. Complete the form and submit the resource
5. Submitted resources will be reviewed by the CDC based on the criteria and appear publically on the page